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Buy Dance Floors For Sale Online Today

The Pro Event Shop sells durable, dance floor in four different colors. What makes ours different? Our competition has only five hook and eye connections while we use seven! This helps to ensure the longevity of your dance floor. At our rental house (Ottawa Special Events), we first had our competitors dance floor and it just did not hold up. We switched to this style and have not been happier! We know the rigors of installing and removing dance floor and this product is far superior.  

Made in the United States, the dance floor comes in one foot by one foot sections and goes together quickly!  Purchase dance floors today in four different colours (black, white, light wood, dark wood).  

The reason we use vinyl dance floor for "wood finishes" as opposed to dance floor made of real wood is once it gets wet or damp, the pieces of parquet style flooring start lifting making your tiles unusable.   

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