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Buy Stanchions, Ropes And Other Crowd Control Items For Sale At Wholesale

Everyone loves a VIP event!  The Pro Event Shop sells a variety of crowd control items such as stanchion poles and ropes. Stanchions help create barriers, cue lines, protect items like antique cars at car shows, separates your visitors at a museum or exhibit from priceless items. Whether you need them for your next event, your music venue, a theater, a bank, restaurant, church, dining hall, polling station, arena, stadium, banquet hall or aquarium, these crowd control poles come in a few different styles!  

We have traditional chrome urn top stanchions and ropes  for sale as well as retractable belt stanchions in chrome or black power coat available at wholesale prices online.  

Need Crowd Control?  A VIP Styled Event?  Buy Stanchions and Ropes @ The Pro Event Shop Today!  Protect things like museum displays, priceless cars at car shows or control crowds at sporting events affordably.