Curtain & Drape

The Pro Event Shop has a terrific selection of curtain and drapes available at the best prices in Canada. Whether you are looking for drapes for your pipe system, a wedding backdrop or more, we have them available at the wholesale pricing. We have velour drapes, poly premier, satin drapes, Duvetyne drape, banjo drape, crushed taffeta and more.
  • Aluminum Ceiling Hoop

    Event Decor Direct

    Aluminum Ceiling Hoop | Choice of 4 Sizes

    Please Note: There is a 6 piece purchase minimum Another Pipe & Drape Co EXCLUSIVE Product! Our center ceiling hanging hoop is the lightest on the market. Designed for hanging 4-10 panel ceilings. It is light weight and durable for continuous use...

    $79.00 - $109.24
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  • buy black banjo drapes for events and trade shows at the best prices online.  Wholesale Canada

    Banjo Drape | Backdrop Drapes | Trade Show Drape

    The Pro Event shop sells backdrop drapes from all kinds of different fabrics including banjo drape.  As an open weave fabric with a slight sheen, banjo drape has quickly become the industry go-to solution. Not only is this fabric a welcomed addition...

    $30.46 - $50.24
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  • Multi Panel Ceiling Draping Kit | HARDWARE ONLY | Choice of 3 Sizes

    Event Decor Direct

    Ceiling Draping Kit | HARDWARE ONLY

    The Pro Event Shop sells ceiling drape kits at wholesale pricing.  Our elegant Ceiling Draping Kits are engineered to be lightweight and durable. This kit includes HARDWARE ONLY. Our Ceiling Draping Kits are designed for easy 1-person installation...

    $214.00 - $392.00
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  • Commando Drape

    Commando drape fabric is the go-to option when you need a lower cost alternative to velour. This fabric is 100% polyester with a brushed matte finish that is almost felt-like. Coming in black only, it's ideal use is as a blackout curtain or masking cloth...

    $86.45 - $151.15
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  • Duvetyne Drape

    Our Duvetyne fabric is Inherently Flame Resistant and provides an alternate option to those seeking Commando drape on a budget. It is considered to be a lightweight, semi-blackout fabric that excels when used in temporary masking applications. It is also...

    $64.80 - $111.85
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  • buy poly premier drape at the best prices online

    Poly Premier Drape | Backdrop Drape | Pipe And Drape

    The Pro Event Shop is proud to sell Poly Premier drape.  This Inherently Flame Resistant (IFR) fabric sports a flat matte finish with a linen feel and look. At a very affordable price point with a wide array of color options, Poly Premier has become...

    $42.55 - $73.13
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