Concession Machines & Supplies

The Pro Event Shop is proud to offer concession equipment and equipment supplies for sale online. We offer commercial grade popcorn machines in a variety of sizes, cotton candy/candy floss machines, snocone machines, hot dog warmers and more!  

We are truly a one-stop shop for the event, entertainment and sporting industries so feel free to take a look at the supplies while you are here. We sell popcorn that comes pre-packaged with oil as well as popcorn in bulk. We offer cotton candy sugar in a variety of different, easy to use containers. We have many different flavors of snocone syrup too!  The Pro Event Shop sells bags, sticks and everything else in between!  

Not just for fairs, sports and festivals anymore, concessions work great as fundraising tools too!  Boy Scout troupes, Girl Guides, schools, foundations, churches, minor hockey, football, baseball and all other sports use concessions to help raise money!  

Need to buy concession machines and supplies in large quantities? Call us about volume pricing at 1-888-686-1179!  The best place to buy concession equipment & supplies for sale online!

  • Concessions - 1911 4oz. Popcorn Machine


    Commercial Grade 1911 Series Popcorn Machine

    Old Meets New! Nostalgic styling paired with modern technology. This machine is capable of popping 92 one-ounce servings every hour. Thanks to its classic appeal, customers will be drawn to it and will love it as much as the product it produces!...

    $464.95 - $829.95
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  • Concessions - 50lbs Bulk Popcorn Bag


    50lbs Bulk Bag Of Popcorn

    50 pounds of great-tasting, golden-yellow popcorn! Packed with flavour, this crispy popcorn is the most popular variety to pop in our popcorn machines! Simple, delicious, and cost effective. For 4 ounce popcorn poppers use 1/4 cup oil & 1/2 cup...

    $70.00 $65.99
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  • Concessions - Aluminum Cotton Candy Bowl


    Aluminum Cotton Candy Bowl

    The Pro Event Shop sells aluminum cotton candy/candy floss bowls to complete your cotton candy machine purchase. This Paragon 7903 bowl will fit any Paragon cotton candy machine! Ideal for operations such as carnivals or county fairs, this bowl is...

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  • shop professional snocone machines for sale online at wholesale prices


    Arctic Blast Sno-Cone Machine

    The Pro Event Shop sells The Arctic Blast Sno-Cone Machine from Paragon.  We have what everyone is looking for in the heat!  We sell cool relief with the Arctic Blast Sno-Cone Machine.  The Arctic Blast Sno-Cone machine is affordable and...

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  • Concessions - Blue Deep Well Cotton Candy Cart


    Blue Deep Well Cotton Candy Cart

    The Pro Event Shop sells deep well cotton candy/candy floss carts at wholesale prices.  A cotton candy cart is a nice addition to your machine as it sits lower than a normal table so you don't need to get a little step. Buy cotton candy/candy floss...

    $784.00 $649.00
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  • Buy case of six cotton candy sugar cartons for candy floss machines


    Carton Of Cotton Candy Sugar | 6 Pack

    Does the smell of fresh cotton candy send you back to being a kid? Does the fluffyness of it on your tongue cause flashbacks of the local fair and festival in your town?  The Pro Event Shop sells cotton candy and candy floss sugar in easy to...

    $134.99 $113.50
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  • Concessions - Cotton Candy Machine, 5" Head


    Cotton Candy Floss Machine | 5" Head

    Now you make delicious, fluffy cotton candy/candy floss with The Pro Event Shop's easy to use cotton candy machine.  Easy to make, easy clean. 5" spinning head that can produce 200 servings per hour.  Metal bowl included. Buy...

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  • Concessions - Cotton Candy Machine Roll-Top Bubble


    Cotton Candy Machine Roll-Top Bubble

    The Pro Event Shop sells roll top cotton candy bubble tops for our profession, consumer grade cotton candy/candy floss machines.  This bubble helps keep the cotton candy in the bowl while you make it.  Keeps any dust out and prevents the wind...

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