Giant Games

  • Buy giant oversized checkers with mat

    Giant Checkers With 8 x 8 Mat

    The Pro Event Shop sells giant games including giant Checkers! These games are great for parties, schools, community centers and more! The game comes with rods so that you can "queen" the pieces, just like in the real game! Buy Your Giant Checkers Set...

    $629.00 $265.60
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  • Shop giant chess game for sale at wholesale

    Giant Chess With 8' x 8' Mat

    Buy Your Giant, Oversized Chess Game Set @ The Pro Event Shop Today! The Pro Event Shop sells Giant Chess games! This is a unique Chess set that offers the standard pieces. The set comes complete with pieces and board.

    $1,247.00 $835.99
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  • Shop giant connect four game online at wholesale

    Giant Connect 4 Style Game

    The Pro Event Shop sells it's own version of Giant Connect 4.  The game is perfect for schools, weddings, team building and all kinds of different events.  Just like the Hasbro game, take the game pieces and try and connect four in a row. Buy A "Connect...

    $409.00 $359.99
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  • Giant Games - Giant Dominoes For Sale

    Giant Dominoes

    The Pro Event Shop sells giant games including Giant Dominoes. The games are the perfect idea for churches, picnics, events, team building and so much more.  Affordable, reusable entertainment for all ages! Giant Dominoes Is The Perfect Giant, Oversize...

    $95.00 $59.99
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  • Shop and Buy Giant Jenga Game Wholesale

    Giant Tower Game With Carrying Bag

    The Pro Event Shop sells the Giant Tower game which may remind you of the Hasbro game Jenga from when you were younger.  These games rent all the time from our rental location and are perfect in many different event settings.  Our Giant Tower games come...

    $199.00 $159.99
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