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Shop Berry Plastic Polyken 500 matte duct, gaffer tape for sale online at wholesale prices

Berry Plastic, Polyken 500 Gaffer Tape

$9.99 $407.76

This matte gaff tape is one of the first, if not the first in the entertainment industry to be released. You can save tape cost now by no longer "having" to use the matte cloth style tape.

This matte tape is used to secure cables and other items at events, music productions, audio visual setting. The tape is used for all different types of events.  No more lighting glare off the your glossy duct/av tape.  

AV Cord Tape. Protect and anchor wires for photography, film, live entertainment, meetings & conventions

Buy Matte Duct Tape For The Audio Visual (AV), Television, Entertainment, Circus, Amusement Park, Concert Production, Fairs, Festivals And Production Companies

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